We are Committed to Protecting Our Children’s Future

We are Committed to Protecting Our Children’s Future

The threat of global climate change means our children face an uncertain future. Climate crisis can seem overwhelming, but we believe that individual, small sustainable swaps can collectively lead to big change for our world. That’s why Pura is on a mission to make buying eco-friendly baby care affordable and accessible for all.

Pura is a certified B Corp and Carbon Neutral business, putting planet before profit.

Traditional, disposable baby care offers the ultimate in convenience but isn’t so planet-friendly.

  • 6,000

    Diapers are used for a baby during its first two years of life.

  • 20 Billion 

    Used diapers end up in US landfills each year.

  • 100 Years

    For baby wipes containing plastic to biodegrade.

  • 500 Years

    For disposable diapers to break down.

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Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk

Our wipes and diapers have been developed, tested and independently certified to help protect our planet with less plastics, no chemical nasties, greener manufacturing and more sustainable, plant-based materials.

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How We Make Diapers Better for the Planet

  • Breathable Inner Layer image
    Breathable Inner Layer icon

    Breathable Inner Layer

    Immediately draws wetness away from the skin to the super absorbent core with plant-based materials.

  • Plant-Based Waterproof Layer image
    Plant-Based Waterproof Layer icon

    Plant-Based Waterproof Layer

    Replacing plastics with more sustainable materials, this layer contains micropores to let skin breath, helping prevent diaper rash and skin irritations.

  • Natural Super Absorbent Core image
    Natural Super Absorbent Core icon

    Natural Super Absorbent Core

    Made with super absorbent polymer and FSC Certified®, 100% chlorine-free wood pulp. Locks moisture away from baby’s skin and prevent leaks.

  • Comfy Leg Cuffs image
    Comfy Leg Cuffs icon

    Comfy Leg Cuffs

    Snug but comfy fit around your baby’s legs to ensure there are no leaks. Contains reduced oil-based plastic and plant-based materials.

  • Organic Cotton EnhancedTM Layer image
    Organic Cotton EnhancedTM Layer icon

    Organic Cotton EnhancedTM Layer

    Ultra-soft and sensory for ultimate comfort and day and night breathability.

  • No nasties image
    No nasties icon

    No nasties

    Parabens, phthalates, fragrances, optical brighteners, chlorine, latex, lotions.

1 Breathable Inner Layer icon 2 Plant-Based Waterproof Layer icon 3 Natural Super Absorbent Core icon 4 Comfy Leg Cuffs icon 5 Organic Cotton EnhancedTM Layer icon 6 No nasties icon planet-diaper features

How We Make Wipes That are Better for the Planet

  • 100% Plastic-Free Cloth image
    100% Plastic-Free Cloth icon

    100% Plastic-Free Cloth

    Thick and strong cloth made from FSC certified biodegradable plant-fibres to clean up your baby and their planet.

  • 99% Water & Organic Aloe Vera image
    99% Water & Organic Aloe Vera icon

    99% Water & Organic Aloe Vera

    Pure, fragrance free and natural moisture cleans, hydrates and soothes skin without any nasty additives. Gentle on skin and the planet, tough on everything else.

  • No Hard Plastic Flip Top Lid image
    No Hard Plastic Flip Top Lid icon

    No Hard Plastic Flip Top Lid

    Secure, long-lasting soft film closure, means our entire pack is recyclable, with easy to use secure closure to keep wipes fresh.



    Pura wipes are vigorously tested and certified by EWG to be 100% free from the ingredients on EWG’s banned list.

  • Vegan image
    Vegan icon


    The Vegan SocietyTM gives you 100% confidence that our products are free from animal ingredients.

1 100% Plastic-Free Cloth icon 2 99% Water & Organic Aloe Vera icon 3 No Hard Plastic Flip Top Lid icon 4 EWG VERIFIEDTM icon 5 Vegan icon planet-wipe  wipes-features

Our Sustainable


Our Sustainable

Our products have been vigorously tested and certified as having a lower environmental impact, and we couldn’t be more proud.

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    The official European Union voluntary label for environmental excellence recognised across Europe and worldwide, the EU Ecolabel certifies products with a guaranteed, independently-verified low environmental impact. To be awarded the label, products and services must meet high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal. Learn more here. Our diapers have been certified by EU Ecolabel.

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    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Because FSC is the gold standard in forest certification, it is the only system supported by groups such as WWF, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council and National Wildlife Federation. Both our diapers and wipes contain FSC certified materials. Learn more here. Our diapers and wipes are all FSC certified.

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    The Vegan Trademark gives you 100% confidence that products are free from animal ingredients. To achieve the accreditation a product has to be rigorously checked by the International Vegan Society to ensure any products bearing the mark are truly free from animal ingredients. Learn more here. Both our wipes and diapers are vegan and cruelty-free.

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    Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of a product's lifecycle and on the chemicals used in products bearing the label. It is designed to make it easier for consumers and professional buyers to choose the best environmentally sustainable goods and services available. Learn more here. Our diapers have been accredited by Nordic Swan.

  • Protecting
    Our Planet

    Greener Manufacturing

    Greener Manufacturing

    The plant that produces our diapers is powered by certified green energy – electricity produced from renewable sources like wind or solar. Any waste created during production is, where possible, recycled and no waste is sent to landfill.

  • Protecting
    Our Planet

    Recyclable Packaging

    Recyclable Packaging

    Our entire product range is wrapped in recyclable packaging. Our wipe packs were designed without a hard plastic flip top lid so can be recycled with other soft recyclable plastic. Our diaper packaging is made from paper so you can easily recycle it with your regular paper recycling.

  • Protecting
    Our Planet

    Carbon Neutral Business

    Carbon Neutral Business

    This means that we have calculated our carbon footprint and looked at ways to reduce our emissions. Once that process was complete, we looked to offset what couldn’t by financially contributing to UN certified projects around the world that remove carbon from the environment. We’ve also developed a carbon reduction plan which includes things like motion sensors on lights and team training on energy efficiency.

  • Protecting
    Our Planet

    Reduced Plastics

    Reduced Plastics

    Most plastic comes from oil, a non-renewable resource that has a significant environmental impact. Wherever possible, we’ve reduced, or completely replaced oil-based plastics, like we did with our 100% plastic-free baby wipes, and flushable toddler wipes. We even removed the hard plastic flip top lid you’ll find on typical wipes packaging.

  • Baby Diapers

    Baby Diapers

    Organic cotton comfort. Allergy UK certified. Totally Chlorine Free (TCF), toxin and fragrance-free. Up to 12 hours leak-free protection. Recyclable paper packaging

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  • Baby Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    99% water & organic aloe vera. 100% plastic-free and plant-based wipes. EWG verified & Allergy UK certified.

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  • Flushable Toddler Wipes

    Flushable Toddler Wipes

    99% water & organic aloe vera. 100% plastic-free & plant-based wipes. Safe to flush.

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